Provider Partnership and Strategic Healthcare Collaborations Forge Strategic Partnership to Propel Healthcare Growth

Atlanta, GA  Dec. 11 2023 – Provider Partnership, a prominent player in provider network development, network optimization, and advisory services, has joined forces with Atlanta-based consulting firm, Strategic Healthcare Collaborations.  This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in providing enhanced options for health plans and provider organizations to explore and execute growth and expansion projects.  

About Provider Partnership:  Provider Partnership, known for its excellence in managed care network development methodologies, has been a trailblazer in guiding health plans and provider organizations towards success.  With a comprehensive suite of services, Provider Partnership has become a leader in optimizing networks and providing strategic advisory services that empower clients to thrive in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

About Strategic Healthcare Collaborations:  Strategic Healthcare Collaborations is a leading consulting firm specializing in helping healthcare providers navigate the complexities of managed care.  Based in Atlanta, the firm brings a wealth of expertise to the table, assisting healthcare entities in building effective solutions and applications to excel in the managed care space.

The Power of Partnership:  This collaboration provides health plans and provider organizations with an additional avenue to explore growth and expansion projects spanning commercial, government-sponsored plans, and LTSS (Long Term Services and Support) plans.  Leveraging Provider Partnership’s proven network development methodologies, coupled with strategic insights of Strategic Healthcare Collaborations, the partnership is poised to redefine success in the healthcare industry.  

Michael Simon, COO of Provider Partnership, Remarks: “Provider Partnership’s position as a leader in network development is strengthened by the support of great partners such as Strategic Healthcare Collaborations.  This collaboration allows us to offer unparalleled support in navigating the complex managed care space, building solutions and applications on the Provider Partnership platform. In the end, health plans save money and accelerate their initiatives while decreasing network costs.”

A Vision for the Future:  Together, Provider Partnership and Strategic Healthcare Collaborations are committed to fostering innovation, driving efficiency, and facilitating the seamless expansion of healthcare services.  The partnership aligns with the shared vision of empowering health plans and providers to achieve new heights of success while delivering exceptional care to communities nationwide.  

Contact Information:

Provider Partnership:  Michael Simon, Principal,, 770-330-1163

Strategic Healthcare Collaborations:   Gene Rinehart, Principal,, 404-895-2218

About Provider Partnership:

Provider Partnership is a leading company specializing in managed care provider network development, contracting, network optimization, and advisory services.  With a commitment to excellence, Provider Partnership empowers health plans and provider organizations to thrive in the dynamic healthcare landscape.  

About Strategic Healthcare Collaborations:

Strategic Healthcare Collaborations is an Atlanta-based consulting firm that works with healthcare providers to navigate the complexities of managed care.  The firm provides strategic insights and solutions to empower healthcare entities in the ever-evolving managed care space. 

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